Who We Are – Driving Africa’s E-Mobility Transformation

Africa New Energy and Vehicles (AfricaNEV) is a continental non-profit organization with a singular vision: to drive the widespread adoption of sustainable mobility solutions across Africa. Founded with a passion for the benefits of E-mobility and a drive to expedite its implementation in Africa, AfricaNEV is led by a team of dedicated professionals deeply rooted in the field.

Our Executive Director, Gad Ashiagbor, a visionary Ghanaian with a background in Physics, spearheads our mission. Alongside Gad, our Directors, representing various nationalities and backgrounds, form a dynamic team committed to making E-mobility a reality across the African continent.

Since our inception in 2019, AfricaNEV has been steadfast in its approach, employing policy advocacy, awareness creation, and industry collaboration to push forward the adoption of e-mobility. We strongly believe that sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions are not only attainable but essential for the future of Africa.

Meet Our Team:

Gad S. Ashiagbor

Founder and Enthusiast:

Gad Ashiagbor, the Founder of AfricaNEV, is an e-mobility enthusiast, educator, and entrepreneur deeply passionate about the positive impact E-mobility can have in Africa.

Tolulope O. Olukokun

Founder and CEO of ThinkBikes

Tolulope is the Founder and CEO of ThinkBikes, a micromobility company specializing in manufacturing two and three-wheelers for last-mile transportation of goods and people. An entrepreneur and YouTuber, Tolulope is a driving force in the sustainable transportation sector.

Luttah A. Aloura

Passionate Environmentalist

Luttah Aloura is an environmentalist deeply committed to understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change. He is dedicated to advocating sustainable solutions that positively affect the African youth and their livelihoods.

John R. Msingo

Innovator in Renewable Solutions

John Msingo, the founder of Renewable Alternatives and Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) of EV-CHaja, is a driving force in the renewable energy sector, particularly in electric vehicle solutions.