Welcome to AfricaNEV

At Africa New Energy and Vehicles (AfricaNEV), we envision a future where sustainable mobility solutions seamlessly integrate into Africa’s transportation fabric.


Our mission is clear: to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility solutions throughout the continent.

We are committed to achieving this through impactful policy advocacy, raising awareness, fostering capacity and skills development, and fostering strong connections within the e-mobility value chain in Africa.



To ensure a future where sustainable mobility solutions are widespread and deeply embedded in Africa’s transportation landscape.



Accelerating Africa’s adoption of e-mobility solutions through policy advocacy, awareness creation, capacity and skills development and linking industry players in thee-mobility value chain in Africa.

As we work tirelessly towards reshaping Africa’s transportation landscape, we invite you to join us in this monumental journey towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Explore our initiatives, engage with our events, stay updated through our blog, and connect with us to be part of the e-mobility revolution in Africa.